Estate & Trust Administration

Estate administration is the court proceeding through which a deceased individual’s assets are transferred to the beneficiaries named in his will (testate administration by an executor) or his heirs as determined under state law if he has no will (intestate administration by an administrator).  Issues may arise among family members or beneficiaries where will contests or trust contests are filed and litigation ensues.

Law Offices of Laura A. Lipinski represents people who wish to petition the court to be appointed executor or administrator of a decedent’s estate.  Also, these days many people have transferred their assets to a trust, making the court probate process unnecessary, and our office represents trustees in the administration of trusts.  Administration of estates and trusts may be routine or complex, and involve many issues from selling of real estate to filing an estate tax return.  In some instances, parties may disagree on the legitimacy of a Will or the interpretation of language in a Trust,  and a challenge to the documents results in court litigation.