Guardianship is the court proceeding through which an individual is found to be disabled or incapacitated (unable to handle his or her financial affairs, or unable to make personal decisions for himself or herself such as medical care decisions), and a guardian of the estate or guardian of the person of the disabled individual is appointed.  Guardianship gives protection to those who need it.  Guardianship may be necessary if a disabled person has not signed a power of attorney and named a person to act as his agent while he or she is disabled.

Law Offices of Laura A. Lipinski represents people who wish to petition the court to become guardian of the estate or guardian of the person of a disabled person.  Once guardianship is established, we continue to represent guardians with ongoing matters in the administration of the guardianship estate, including approval of a inventory and budget by the court, petitioning for approval of the sale of assets and the presentation of annual financial accountings required by the court.